Judging Fairly

Ensuring excellence is rewarded

For any awards, carrying out fair, consistent, and accurate judging is key to ensuring the true winners are recognized. The judging process is designed to be rigorous and thorough to ensure all entries receive full consideration and that excellence in each of the categories is truly rewarded. A diverse panel of leading fund COOs, CFOs, CCOs, GCs, and CTOs made up the judging panel. The judges were split into groups depending on their specialist expertise.

Aisha Hunt
Kelley Hunt LLC
Avi Nachmany
Independent Consultant
Charles Ragauss
Portfolio Manager & Head of Trading
Tidal Financial Group
George Wilbanks
Managing Partner
Wilbanks Partners
Jim Fitzpatrick
President & CEO
Jonathan Kanterman
Managing Partner
Institutional Asset Advisors
Loren Fox
Director of Research
FUSE Research Network
Marty Griffin
Financial Services Operations Executive
Michael Patanella
National Managing Partner, Asset Management
Grant Thornton
Ori Porat
Fiducia Optime
Rahul Sen Sharma
President & CEO
Sarah Simmonds
Director, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting - North America
Stephen Cohen
Dechert LLP