Ensuring excellence is rewarded

Our judging process is designed to be rigorous and thorough to ensure all entries receive full consideration and that excellence in each of the categories is truly rewarded. A diverse panel of leading hedge fund COOs, CFOs, CCOs, GCs and CTOs made up the judging panel. The judges were split into groups depending on their specialist expertise.

The criteria the judges looked for were:

  • Commercial success and business growth
  • Demonstration of product or service innovation
  • Description of future product or service development possibilities
  • Positive customer feedback via submitted testimonials

To add further scrutiny to the process there will be an in-person judging day. On this day, the judges will be split into groups. Each group will be assigned three to four categories depending on their expertise.

For selected categories, we will invite shortlisted firms to attend this judging day where they will have an opportunity to pitch their entries.

The judges will base their scores off both the initial submission from each entrant, plus a 5 minute presentation and 5 minute Q and A with each selected shortlister.

If you would like to find out more about the judging day, please get in contact with Kerstin McCammont - kerstin.mccammont@withintelligence.com

Headline categories

  • Best administrator – overall
  • Best advisory firm – regulation and compliance
  • Best cloud technology solution
  • Best cyber- security service provider
  • Best offshore law firm
  • Best onshore law firm
  • Best prime broker – boutique
  • Best technology firm – overall

2024 Judges Panel

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive Office
Nickel Digital
Investment COO
AXA Investment Managers
Group COO and General Counsel
Algebris (UK) Ltd.
Global Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Polar Capital
General Counsel
Muzinich & Co.
Chief Operating Officer
Elan Capital Management
Chief Operating Officer
Broad Reach Investment Management
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Sona Asset Management
Chief Operating Officer
Rama Ventures
UK and Group CEO
Laniakea Funds Manager LLC
Founding Partner
Growth Credit Partners
Crooklets LLP
Chief Operating Officer
Polus Capital Management Limited
Co-Founder, COO
Kvasir Technologies
Head of Operational Due Diligence
Aaro Capital
Chief Operating Officer
Salt Rock Captial Partners LLP
Founder & CEO
Corinthian Digital Group
Chief Operating Officer
Monterone Partners
Chief Executive Officer
Brummer & Partners Asset Management (UK)
Chief Executive Officer
ProMeritum Investment Management LLP
Chief Operating Officer
SoftBank Group International
Head of Operations
Castellain Capital LLP
Chief Compliance Officer
Amia Capital LLP
Qube Research & Technologies Limited
Head of Operations
36 South Captial Advisors
DG Partners LLP / BH-DG Systematic Trading LLP
Chief Technology Officer
FM Partners