Categories and Criteria

We can only be the preeminent industry awards by engaging with the industry. That’s why we have developed this year’s categories in consultation with leading firms to ensure they reflect the fast-moving nature of the sector.

Recognizing the full breadth of the North American hedge fund sector with over 40 categories, entering the Awards provides a platform to demonstrate your achievements in front of investors and stand out from your competitors.

Showcase your outstanding performance

If you’re a hedge fund, CTA or FoHF with a track record of outstanding returns and excellent performance and growth over the past 12 months, then there's a category for you to enter.

Your fund must have its management team based in North America and the judges will need to see monthly performance data in USD for your share class.

The minimum AUM is set at $25 million for all the categories except for Newcomer and Digital Assets where the AUM is set at $10 million and FoHF is set at $50 million.

The minimum track record is 3 years of monthly performance data for most categories.



Credit – Distressed over $500m
Credit – Distressed under $500m
Credit – Emerging Market Debt
Credit – Newcomer
Credit – Long/short
Credit – Long-term performance (5 years)
Credit – Relative Value over $500m
Credit – Relative Value under $500m

CTA/Managed futures/Quant

CTA – Long-term performance (5 years)
CTA/Quant - Newcomer
Managed Futures
Managed Futures - long-term performance (5 years)
Quantitative over $1bn
Quantitative under $1bn


Event-driven - Merger arbitrage
Event-driven – Over $500m
Event-driven – Under $500m


Equity – ESG
Equity – US-only
Equity – US long-term performance (5 years)
Equity – Emerging Markets
Equity – Global over $1bn
Equity – Global under $1bn
Equity – Global long-term performance (5 years)
Equity – Newcomer
Equity – Sector Specialist


Fund of hedge funds
Fund of hedge funds - specialist 
Fund of hedge funds long-term performance (5 years)


Macro – Over $1bn
Macro – Under $1bn
Macro – Long-term performance (5 years)
Macro - Newcomer


Multi-strategy – Over $1bn
Multi-strategy – Under $1bn
Multi-strategy – Long-term performance (5 years)
Multi-strategy – Multi-Manager
Multi-strategy – Newcomer


Alternative risk premia
40 Act fund
Digital assets fund
Hybrid (Public and private equities)
Long-term performance (10-year)

Nomination-only categories

Billion Dollar Fund of the year
Management firm of the year
Outstanding achievement

* Open-ended funds only with at least quarterly redeemable share classes

** Discretionary global macro funds only

*** Open to funds trading multiple distinct hedge fund strategies. Excludes FoHFs

Entry criteria

1. Inclusion:

The Awards are open to all US and Canadian hedge fund, fund of funds, and CTA firms. A link to the entry form will be sent to all eligible managers and contacts in the With Intelligence database. Other interested managers can access the online entry form via this website. Funds interested in participating in the awards program must submit all information via the official HFM US Performance Awards 2024 online entry form. Please note that all funds must have submitted a completed entry form to be considered for the awards; incomplete information might lead to disqualification from the entry process. Please note that the “Management Firm of the Year”, “Billion-dollar Fund of the Year”, and “Outstanding Achievement” categories are not open to entries. The shortlist for these categories will be compiled by a panel of industry experts.

2. Criteria:

Any fund satisfying the following criteria is eligible for the With Intelligence HFM US Performance Awards 2024:

» Base of operations: Funds must have their management/advisory company or team based in the US or Canada.

» Share class: Funds must submit monthly performance data for their USD share class. If unavailable, EUR share class data will be accepted and HFM will convert it to USD.

» Assets under management: Funds submitting for all categories (apart from newcomer, digital assets and fund of hedge funds categories) must have a minimum of $25m in AuM as of June 2024. Funds submitting for newcomer and digital assets categories must have a minimum of $10m in AuM as of June 2024. Funds submitting for funds of hedge funds categories must have a minimum of $50m in AuM as of June 2024.

» Track record: Funds entering any of the categories except newcomer, ESG, best digital assets and alternative risk premia must submit a 3-year track record of monthly performance data through June 2024. Funds entering the newcomer categories must have a track record of monthly performance data of at least 12 months and less than 36 months (that is between 12 and 35 months) through June 2024. Funds entering the ESG, best digital assets and alternative risk premia categories must have a track record of monthly performance data of at least 12 months through June 2024. Funds entering the long-term performance (5 years) categories must submit a 5-year track record of monthly performance data through June 2024.

Entry Enquiries

If you have any questions or need any more information please contact Indira.

Entry Inquiries
Indira Peters
+1 646-891-2119